Anyone else doesn't want cosmetic customization?

I feel the customization in this game is so out of context and silly. They say that they want to be authentic, but from what i have seen, people running around with red shirts and yellow pants wearing ski masks and sun glasses, they just look ridiculous. Many other customization option look so out-of context too.

Now they will also add tattoos. Imagine ISIS or YPG fighters with tattoos...I wonder what other out-of-context customization will they add. Maybe bling chains around the neck that say "$$INSURGENTz$$".

Also why is it a customization option to wear a helmet? makes no sense. It should be a functional addon when you choose Heavy Armor.

Anyway, i just hope there will be realistic skins in the workshop that are actually believable and non-customizatable (thats assuming that there will be skin support in the workshop)

Or can we just disable customization altogether? That would be a treat. Fortnite killed the gaming industry i swear

made a thread about it. i can see this game being turned into another cash grab cs go with a mutt fanbase and aloof devs

Please don't take away my ability to run around with mutton chops and a bicycle helmet.

I think you're over stating the issue. One only needs to take a look back at Rainbow 6 Vegas to see how out of hand it can get. Currently its pretty tame and well within the possible.

I've seen a possible solution to this on another thread that I liked: A setting where you could choose to have a default view without any modified customization. I would like that, there is a good reason military have the same uniform in reality. to avoid friendly fire.

I really like character customization. For security side I think it is just fine.
But I agree that insurgents can look pretty stupid.

Well to be honest i didnt´t like the customization at the beginning, but as time passed by i I got used to it.

As long as the base colors of Security Forces stay olive/green/sand it´s easy to identify them such as teammembers or enemies depending on which side you play.
The Insurgents are a very colorfull group of "Rebels" who really don´t have any similarities to real world combatants in the middle-east.
But hey, this is not a realism based shooter ! It´s just a new aproach that makes us smile when we see those outfits, beards and sunglasses.

As long the typical colors help to avoid teamkills and also help to identify friends ( to be able to stick together ) it´s a funny thing.

The negative side is that in versus mode the insurgents have disadvantage because of the bright shining colors.
They cannot hide as good as insurgents which often leads to frustration.
I know, dark colors are available too but then again the friends identification suffers, because everyone in the team uses almost the same colors.

In Insurgency2 i always have difficulties to stick together with friends becaue everyone looks the same and in the middle of a firefight you can quickly lose sight on your teammates who run around like headless chicken( some of them). So you only know exactly where your friends are as long as they constantly tell you their own location.

As i said i get used to Sandstorm outfits now and i find it helpfull to find my friends just by looking for their outfit.
Even if we would play on servers which have Team-markers disabled, we still could find our friends quickly.

Isn´t that a good thing ? 😉

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I have to agree, unless there are mickey mouse ears, I don't see the point.

Make those who are not wearing helmets take more damage from grenades, problem solved :).


Helmets with a function to is a cool idea, but could mess with the games plattform. Insurgents would need a similar option to stay balanced in pvp, and insurgents with helmets kinda rubs me the wrong way=)

Getting rid of cosmetic options would be a nice way to get some people to stop viewing the game as a grind towards cosmetics. It's like, if something can be unlocked, all the sudden the game's about grinding to get to the top of the unlock tree, and not about playing the game for the game's enjoyment.

also, the modding community really came through strong on the last game. I would assume you'll see plenty of modded skins and such available for PvE once this releases ☺