Shiftkey modifier

its a minor thing really, im a left handed person so i use the arrowkeys to walk, right shift to run and num0 to crouch, the thing is that in this newest installment of insurgency there is a shiftkey modifier in place which wasnt in the source version.

let me give you an example, in insurgency source, when you sprint for a amount of time you could hit crouch and perfom a slide but in this game that doesnt work, at least not for me and here is why, holding shift and then pressing a button on the keypad overrides that button, shift+num0 is insert for example.

So instead of running and then performing a slide i just lean to the left (i use insert and home for leaning)
google tells me that its either my keyboards fault or windows itself however in source the shiftkey modifier isnt active.

would be great if you could look into that, also i would love to be able to choose if i want jump and vault on the same button or not.

I definitely support separate bindings for vault and jump. I can't count how many times the vault animation has gotten me killed.