Things i hope to see fixed and think are fixedd


Ap shells removed.
Make upgrades good but not no brainers. Ap shells made armor redundant and forced some races like space marines fleets to play 1 trick pony because their armor didnt matter and couldnt hang.

Tactical cogitator.
Doesnt need fixing but it should be a costum game and single player only feature and it needs to be selected by host so players have the choice to use it or deal with this jarring mechanic. I believe it doesnt exist in ranked but i cant remember which is a good thing.

Nova cannons

I think Nova cannons need to be buffed but in return made much more expensive to field and less accurate at extreme ranges so it cant be spammed.

Sound effects were really weak in the last game. I hope you guys improve lances and give the guns in general more mmmpf and variety in sound effects.

Things i think are fixed

Ability spam and CC options like bombs favor of slaanesh etc have been curbed and limited (from what i can gather) [i find that the excessive ability spam hurt the game and was making the game less focused on ship positioning which is a really important thing in any naval based game but rather about who can throw out more cheeze.]

Fleet costumization
Looks like you guys are gonna stream line the whole upgrade and ability system. This will go a long way i think and make managing balance easier. Good job.

I have always felt that the game speed for BFGA was a little bit fast. Which could be because of the rampant ability spam. But i guess we will have to see. Another tweak id suggest if it still is to fast would be to maybe slow down the game speed between maybe 10 to 25 %. Think about it. We are controlling more ships. Slowing down game speed a titch will help players position their fleets make the ships seem sturdier and appease the players that relied heavily on TC.