Interesting scavenge thing

I discovered this interesting behavior that its probably useless. I went to one scavenge location with medium logs. Picked them up and carried with the crane without packing them, went to the next location with short logs. Dropped the medium logs on the floor near the short logs, pick up the short logs and leave.

Now the scavenge location shows up as medium logs without having refreshed. This is, I manually changed the scavenge location from short to medium logs by carrying logs to there.

As I said, interesting but probably useless.

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A scavenge location even shows all the logs in its vicinity that are not packed onto a truck. It doesn't matter wether the logs are of the same or of a different kind; for example, it is possible to have both medium and long logs shown at a scavenge location, like here:Scavenge 3 medium and 2 long logs