Lost connection to server. (please fix)

Hello, I wanted to aks if you guys already have a fix for always losing connection, me and my friends get this sometimes, my friend is more likely to lose connection somehow but our internet is perfectly fine.

Yeah I get the same thing, sometimes as ofter as 2 to 3 consecutive games that I cant finish because I get disconnected every single time. Honestly is getting really annoying. If there is a work around or something I can try it would be helpful to know.

This may happen if the server freezes/crashes but is most commonly happening due to unstable client's network or if on loading screen, it is caused by slow hardware.

@arc Thank you for the response, these are my PC specs:

AMD Ryzen 5 2600 x6 3,40 GHz
Radeon RX 580 Series 8 GB

And I'm running the game on High resolution. Should I lower the video settings to avoid any crashes then?

@arc No we have good internet and we get kicked during the match and we don't get kicked at the same time, the server doesn't crash, and we don't have a bad pc eighter

@arc And you didn't answer my question, are you guys working on a fix or is there already one for the next update?

virgin 200 gamer internet
i7 7700k
32gb corsair platinum ram
1080ti hydro copper
1tb samsung pro ssd

same problem when ingame (not load screen)

There is something wrong with Sandstorm servers (atleast for some of us), because I'll never disconnected from dedicated servers but over 50 times per day from normal servers.
I have a video about this and it shows another players disconnecting as well.

The servers did not freeze, there is nothing unstable in my network and my SSD is not slow at all, I'm always the first one in the game.