mk18 CQB

the mk18 CQB seems to have very bad hit reg i put half a mag into someone like 10 feet away and he still killed me some how

Possibly a lag issue? Either you or the enemy had a ping jump? I haven't seen anyone complaining in game about this.

Zero issues on my end with this

@mlb7 Lol I complain in game all the time about hit reg.. Just sayin.. Good ping too good internet expensive but sometimes the hit reg just bad..

There has a been a few times where I know I was on with the shotgun at close range but it didn't appear to do anything. I chalked it up to possible lag but maybe it is the problem you guys are talking about.

The Mk.18 is also pretty low powered compared to most other rifles in the game, which might be contributing to the issue.

the thing that gets me is if i use the scar ill kill people in a shot or two but i switch to the mk18 and like i said i dumped half a mag into this guys chest and he killed me

@jeck The SCAR shoots a much bigger round than the MK18.

@yoss ik this but the fact is i shouldnt be able to put half a mag into someones chest who is 10 feet away and them skill me

@yoss when i use the m4 i kill people in a few shots and it has the same round as the mk18 and should be the same barrel length

@jeck The M-4 has a 14.5" barrel, the Mk.18 has a 10.5" barrel. The result is the Mk.18 fires bullets at just barely above the velocity where 5.56mm stops being effective. The result is that the M-4 is a fair bit more powerful.

Still, half a mag to down someone is pretty excessive, I've not noticed that myself, but I do notice the Mk.18 takes a few more shots to take someone down than the M-4. Them killing you while you shoot them really needs to be changed. That annoys me a lot too. Bots especially should not be able to one-shot me in the head as I'm dumping rounds into their chest.