What Insurgency 2014 did better, and hopefully will be worked on?

This streamer summarize my concerns within Sandstorm in an accurate manner.
Major concerns in the first 3mins. Total video is 5:38.
Published on Oct 23, 2018:
Youtube Video

That video summs a lot of things up that should be reworked as soon as possible.
What i miss is the criticism of the A.I. movement speed ( as if they have no body mass/ inertia -- doing fast left, right moves ) and their poor tactics when trying to clear a building and their 150 meter distance snap-in instakills.

Good video indeed!

Everything except reload/ammo mechanics, loadout presets, and laser sights not marking you for death.

Yeah, the reload/check ammo idea this guy has is not for me either, I would prefer a game with even less information on the screen, at the same time it could not be toggable, because it should be something you learn to play with by practicing, in Insurgency 2014 they did it right.

@pacalis I meant the reload mechanics (i.e., quick reloads and staged reloading), loadout presets, and laser sights not being a suicide attachment are the only things Sandstorm did better than Insurgency.

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Oh, I thought you meant from the video where he suggests more visual cues on the screen.

Yeah. I agree with you then, really like the quick reload option, still I am a bit more forgiving, I like Rising Storm 2 Vietnam, and these more chaotic maps reminds me of that in a good way, even though I am hoping for some smaller maps/levels sometime post-release.