Hey! I am an insurgency fan since the release for the mod, and i have few suggestions more or less achievable for Sandstorm. 😉

1- A different color for Steam Friends name or party members.
2- Right click to see previous player when you are dead.
3- Ability to rotate around character during customization.
4- Ability to see character with kevlar and bag during customization.
5- No arabian voices for Security forces. (At first I thought it was a bug)
6- More different voices for support requests.
7- Weapons painting.
8- An old Russian helicopter as air support for rebel side.😎
9- Reduce smoke mortar delay
10- "Allah Akbar!!" A little controversial but very cool 😉
11- No "RELOADING" when you are the last player alive in your team 🙃
12- Reduce the general weapon accuracy in automatic mod.
13- Different types of ammunition.
14- Improve vehicles utility to integrate it with gameplay.
15- Ability for the commander to ask for ONE extra wave at anytime.
16- Squad system?
17-Ability for the dead players to control drones or shoot from the helicopter. 😎
18- Facilitate the picking of grenades / weapons on the ground.
19- Pick up an enemy grenade that has been ripped off and hurt friends does not count as tk.
Maybe use melee to shoot on the grenade?
20- Knife Damages...
21- WW2 weapons ❤
22- An experimental brench?
23- Others dio like order / observe? ❤
24- Onboard camera in helicopter/drone for dead player.
25- At the end of the match, more info (longest shot, number of shots fired / enemies killed in each team,...)
26- At the end of the match, Steam photo of the best players.

I think some of these suggestions can be easily implemented.

What do you think? Can we talk about that?

Thank you to the team for the amazing work you do! 🙂

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