Xbox1 and PS4 DLC Vehicles/maps WANTED.

For all of us that don't have PC's, I feel DLC is our best hope.
Dev's can you look into bringing more vehicles that are more 4x4 with suspension and upgrades. More of a rescue vehicle or scout type that can carry a garage point. The console community seems to really want more of these types. Since you want to stick with Russian vehicles can add something like these .
Look up "gaz 66 h1" basically a Russian H1
"KamAZ 53949"
"GAZ 2330"

I understand license for American vehicles might be hard for dlc, so can't you just upgrade new /or current Russian vehicles with different tire and suspension options?? Or just make one offs looks kinda of like the vehicle but the back is different. Something like that.

Maps: would love to see more trails with hills and rocks that you can actually climb if you want to just mess around with vehicles. Simple map editor like farcry would be epic.
I get this is a logging game, so incorporate these vehicles maybe a pickup truck that can carry 2 log points. The mud physics are just too good just for logging trucks, console people will pay for 4x4 trucks and SUV's. MAybe set up a poll for consoles on what type of vehicle types are wanted. Truck, SUV, Jeep style. I would buy DLC each month especially if their were these types of vehicles.
Other-console players What are some of your thoughts on this??

I agree, we need more vehicles and maps, we could also put new goals and not only load logs, type tractors to load rocks, cranes would be great, game in ps4, dlc and our asking to continue playing

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I would be nice to have some more 4x4's (specifically a older f150 or a 40's dodge powerwagon ). Personally i have nothing against russian vehicles but it would definitely help bring in more american players if there were cars that we were familiar with. And a few ideas for pickup mods could be a camper thats worth a garage point or tow arm similar to the k700's loader to haul around A class cars. P.s. I know this is technically a logging sim but i think this would be more successful as an offroad sim based on the mods and yt vids for the og spintires (Thats why i bought it).

I like the Soviet trucks 6x6

I agree with the American vehicles, they can just get around licenses by changing the name or slight body differences. Tire and suspension upgrades that you can unlock by doing goals would be cool too, each vehicles have their own goals to unlock. Each vehicles have options in the garage.

@muddybuddy I personally doubt that any American or European vehicles will be added.
It seems to me that the author of the game always wanted it to be a game about carrying logs to the sawmill somewhere in Siberian wilderness and nothing more. I expect rather upgrades that improve simulation, adding snow, etc.

I do not know what the game author personally thinks about these American big pickup trucks on big wheels (I think they are cool), but maybe Focus will listen to players and decide to add some of these machines to the game.