Conflict between joystick xbox one x mouse + KB game on Steam.

Hi, how are you? I'm fine, I usually play mud runner in steam.
I am having a problem with the commands by the xbox one joystick, it conflicts with the, KB + Mouse, I wanted to know when will get an update to, fix this problem and when the joystick will be 100% compatible with that game.

Bump, same problem but x360 gamepad who can't navigate the ui properly and got reset to some random position in the advanced menu or ui in general.

@Sodoma @Netheos @Iyagovos
I don't mind helping to gather information /data, some follow up would be great.

Hi both,

What issues are you having exactly? Is it just difficulty with the controls?

The Xbox One Controller is already 100% compatible with MudRunner.

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i might do a video to show it better but basicly the mouse batlle with gamepad when you have both connected at the same time.
The most obvious one is,you press the arrow on the gamepad to open the advanced menu and let say crane is highlighted at first then it jump by itself on the log pit ui for example and you push the arrow again to push it back to the advanced menu and come back by itself to the log pit ui or just somewhere else and don't prioritize the input you using at the time it seem and the cursor from the mouse is allways highlighted when using the pad wichwas not the case before the patch.
And basicly it s the same when you want to release the winch highlighted function is allways switching elsewhere by itself.

Here s what hapen:

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I've passed the issue on to the team who are going to look into it for you.

Edit: If you play in Fullscreen, you should be able to get around this issue by playing in windowed mode. Note that this isn't a fix, but a workaround.

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I m allready playing in fullscreen.

@raphael Apologies, I left out the last half of the sentence! Playing in windowed mode should fix it

You re right it stop in windowed mod thank you 🙂
Also is there a relation with win10 full screen optimization?
I tried to disable that feature but the game processus start then shut down without even having the time to display something.
If you need a game log i can upload one.

An extended temporary fix to avoid problem between keyboard mouse vs gamepad as Iyagovos said running in windowed mod fix th problem so i searched a bit and found a small software to run in borderless mod(like fullscreen without the issue)and found this.

-Unzip the executable on the desktop
-Launch the game open the menu then click on exit fullscreen mod
-Alt tab to Fullscreenizer highlight Mudrunner
-Click on Fullscreenize
After that your game should fill the entire screen space without seeing anything else,also no more ui movement glitch related to that particular problem.

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