Feature request: Chamber check

For ease of use this doesn't have to be separate from the ammo check function. A small slightly brighter grey line at the top of the mag ammo indicator can be used to indicate that a round is chambered. We can have a separate check, idc really but for simplicity's sake the previous suggestion I think is best.

Cant count how many times I was SURE I finished reloading to hear a click when I needed the weapon to fire... in a row. So this small UI should add a QOL improvement for very little change and presumably effort. Thanks

This sorta exists, when the weapon is empty the magazine indicator is red.

Your experience is likely because there is a server sync bug right now that will cause the reload animation on your side to complete without telling the sever your gun has been reloaded.

It could be a animation dsync for sure. In my case I had to start the animation over from the start. While in reality All I would have to do is rack a round. Not sure if the current indicator solves this problem but more just shows that there currently is one. There could be a full mag but no round the chamber but the UI will show all empty and restart the animation. Hopefully this gets more ironed out with the upcoming patch.