uploading pics with a post?

i think that my brains leaked out of my ears overnight.. i'm having no idea how to add a pic with a post.. did something change?? it ask"s for a URL .. i don't think pics in my pc have a url (do they) i shot a few screenshots (F12) and would like to post them.. .. the pics are in the screenshot folder in the game, and i put them on my desktop.i've attached a bunch of pics over time, with no issues and now i'm at a total loss why i can't. if anyone could offer a friendly reminder I'd be grateful

I place pics on pic service, imgbb.com now, before it - flicker (bad interface on mobile).
On imbb i open pic, push "download" icon, copy address, place it here with "mountains" icon

@rufus I noticed that too. I used to be able to drag screenshots to the text window when posting, but this privilege has been taken away. I don't know why.

I'm not sure if something changed but I get denied for a few things now... like for example I follow @rufus , but when i try to check out his new "cheater" topic it tells me i don't have access.

@grubdumpling hi grub, i don't think i have a cheater thing. not knowing what that is.

@Unster good morning unster. You too? i was thinking it was me, messing something up. I Have a bad habit of going thru and changing this and that, to see what it does. (trial and error) mostly Error 🙀

@Stazco hello from the other side of the world, i'm going to take you up on the advice, and come at the issue as you recommended..
Thank you all for the info.. Rufus