Question about co-op bots.

I'm very jazzed about the co-op modes! Checkpoint & Hunt in particular.

As I understand it, once you die, you have to sit out until either the round is over (Hunt) or the next objective is captured (Checkpoint). In the first Insurgency, I believe you also had the option of taking over one of the surviving bots on your team and keep playing until the next respawn.

What I'm wondering is: Can you configure (per game) a specific number of bots to add your team that (in addition to helping of course) would function as "extra lives" for whomever might die first?

I ask because our group has a wide range of FPS skills and the weaker players will of course die much more often. If they have to sit out most of the time, they will likely get frustrated and lose interest. If they could jump into surviving bots and use them as extra lives so they don't have to sit out for most of the round, that would be excellent and make Sandstorm viable for us!

Ideally, we'd like to be able to add as many bots to our team as we felt were necessary to support our weaker players and keep them in the game.


The first insurgency didn't have any bots, the second insurgency introduced bots. In sandstorms options you have the ability to possess a bot with F by default, but we have no friendly bots yet.

As a server owner you can customise it however you like so you can have say 5 bots minimum per team up to a maximum of 10 or however many you like, that's the idea behind being able to possess a bot, you will take over that bot with their gear as a "alternate life" until a respawn wave is activated and those who possessed bots will return to their own character and loadout.

Tl;dr As a server admin you can have as many bots as you'd like, you just need to have the slots to accomodate the players and the bots of course.

Hope this clears things up.

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Thanks @Depleted. That does clear things up.

It sounds like the option is already there (F key by default as you mention) but friendly bots are not implemented yet as we're still in beta.

I'm new here (and to the game) and as such am not caught up with the forums or development in general. But, would it be fair to assume that friendly bots are confirmed for Sandstorm?

Thanks again. Cheers.