Xbox One X - Stuttering / Loading


I recently bought the game, and I am finding severe stuttering during gameplay.

It does not seem like framerate drops, as framerate seem to stay stable, but like typical "map loading hiccups", like if map wasnt loading fast enough or something...

The wierdest part is like it seems related with camera movements, Ill try to explain. If I keep driving without moving the camera around the truck, stuttering hardly occurs, no matter how long I keep driving (so map loading is not the reason...). But if I start moving the camera around the truck, stuttering goes crazy, like every 5-7 seconds...

I assume performance is not going to be improved/patched any further at this point, but at least I would like to confirm if this behaviour is normal, or if it could be a hardware problem (wierd, as the X1X works fine with any other game...)


There are not critical shuttering while looking back or side. In AW maps - more, since less fog in it.
Xbox1 S

Thanks Stazco, but I'm not sure what do you mean with critical.

In my case, it may happen every 5-10 seconds if I am "looking for it" (moving camera).

Must I understand that in your case, in Russia maps, there is no stuttering AT ALL, or there is some? In USA maps I understand you also have severe stuttering, right?

Could anybody else confirm something, please?