I won't list any names because naming and shaming and "inciting witch hunts" has seen me banned from other game forums before when outing cheaters with video proof.

With that being said I just got done playing after a few hours and there was this one guy who was afk in every single game on different servers; on the third and fourth server I told the rest of the team via voip about it and someone killed him in spawn to deny him some points.

Why is there no auto kick or vote kick, if someone goes afk for a minute to take a leak or to get a glass of water that's perfectly fine, but when they remain in spawn or constantly turn in a circle to "anti-afk" they should be removed from the server and punished because they take up a spot which wastes a spot and also if everyone else dies they hold up the entire game because they are so far back and the Ai usually never goes on the hunt.

It's incredibly frustrating to have these scummy leechers on the server.

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