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Just wondering if some one can help me out. When you click the menu button in the top left corner of the screen and it opens up a drop down menu with a few selections there are always a bunch of “unread” posts or threads (99+ red in colour) that show up and I was just wondering if there was anyway to filter this to only show me “unread” stuff related to Insurgency? It is the only game from the list that I play or care about and do not want to see 99+ unread items in this list because most of them are from different games. Once again just trying to see if I can somehow remove all the other games and threads/post from my I guess mail?? Any help on the matter would be appreciated!!

That's a bug on this website, just avoid it. I didn't even know it was a thing till i read your post, but even mine is showing +99 unread, with one being this very thread, and it still reads as +99 unread.

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@depleted It’s not actually a bug it’s tied into all the other games because this is a forums site for focus who make a bunch of games so you actually have 99+ unread posts lol. The ones you have not read the most recent post in that thread will be blue in colour and the threads you have read the most recent post in will be black in colour. There actually is an option to mark all as read which will turn all threads black in colour insinuating that you have read all posts in all threads and that red 99+ will go away. But the main reason I made the post was to see if there was a way for that 99+ to only include unread posts/updated threads about insurgency and insurgency related topics unfortunately I have a feeling there is no such feature! Thanks for the reply though! 🙂 Game on!

Like i said it's a bugged feature, because as i said, this very thread is still listed as being unread.

But why are you even posting about this in the sandstorm general, when it's nothing to do with the game.

@depleted Funny mine only says 6+ unread because I have been keeping on top of opening them even if it’s a different game.. So ya anyways.. 🤦♂️ And I posted it on here because I feel it is insurgency related as that’s all I want to be notified about not all the other games I posted it in “off topic” as well I hoped that someone might be able to tell me something I wasn’t aware about which as of this far isn’t the case.. Thanks for your time!

If you click on the "99 UNREAD. At the top you can click on the "Mark As Read" at the top, click on all & all posts will be marked as read.

As for just getting Insurgency posts I don't think it is possible

You can sort between the threads by selecting the hub you want to browse through the Category tab. You can all mark all unread / read for each hub on the other button. If you don't want to get notifications for the other hubs, you'll need to go to the said hub and untick the "Watching" button. That'll prevent further notifications from those hubs.