Media folder isn't overwriting

I've always kept my xml edits in my Media folder and they would always overwrite the files in Textures and meshes have only worked if I either replace them in the or delete them from the and place the new file in my media folder.

With AW, my xml edits are not overwriting the files. Is this the same for everyone? I've worked around it by deleting every file from the zip that I've edited.

Also semi-related, I placed the valley and ridge vehicle xmls with the original truck's xmls so they wouldn't be partitioned in the selection screen, but now they are still partitioned. Is there anyway to remove the partitions or, alternatively, create new partitions to separate different mods/vehicle types?

What i did was unzip the media/texture folder etc. and change the path in the config.xml

My Mod folder is also a new folder beside the Media folder. Just added the new path to config.xml

Most of the time the game recreate the config file after a "big" update. Have you checked the config file to make sure the path is still there??

No problems as far as I know. I have many new paths and the files that I have reworked and that override the get loaded.

@spun well, then I don't know what the solution is, don't use it my self since maps and trucks are on the workshop

Apologies for the late reply, my account has been refusing to log in for the past few days 😡

@Spun I have found the solution. It seems the order you place the locations in your config is what determines the overwriting location. My Media folder was underneath, I moved it to the top of the list and now it is overwriting successfully 😊

@malcolm_tucker Mine was in the correct location and still did not work. I have since went back to the version before AW and all is well.

Sorry to hear that @Spun hope you get it sorted. You could do what I did and delete the original files you've edited from the zip but it's not ideal

@malcolm_tucker We just went back to the old version of the game for now so everything works.