Teamkilling scum are not punished

The amount of times i've been teamkilled by idiots who then wait at spawn to kill me before i can even move is ridiculous, there is no votekick function and teamkillers are not punished.
I'm not talking about accidental teamkills while you're on low hp or you get clipped at the edge of the kill radius of an explosive, i'm talking about those who purposefully look for you to kill you for whatever pathetic reason these inbred cretins have, be it that you're at the top of the scoreboard or because they have some childish vendetta.

The clan i'm in and the communities i'm a apart of all agree that something needs to be done before the game releases because as it stands right now most of us are sick of being teamkilled and the perp gets to continue playing with zero consequences.
Some servers will have a auto tk kick function after they have teamkilled 3 times, even this number is too high. If someone purposefully aims at you and puts multiple rounds in you they should be autokicked and banned from rejoining a match for a period of time that should increase the more they attempt to tk, and if they go around joining different servers to tk people they should be banned from playing on any server for a day or longer, with the punishment increasing to a week and even a month to prevent them from ruining others gameplay experience.

If nothing is done about it I'll get a refund because it's shocking how many children think its funny to tk the top players and many of the players i've talked with will also be getting a refund as tkers are punished on Insurgency yet for whatever reason sandstorm is promoting teamkilling - I was just in a game playing with a few clan members and because we were using voip to communicate and work together some window licking mongrel decided to hunt the three of us down and kill us and then he proceeded to camp the spawn zone and kill us again, he had a total of 10 tk's in a 5 minute window and was he punished in any way shape or form? No.

Others feel the same pain too. The work around for this does not exist, yet. It will, soon. When I am able to construct my own server for Sandstorm, I will be back to this game, again. In the mean time, I play Insurgency on my own server with my own group of people. I understand it's difficult to be patient, when you're getting hosed constantly. Hang in there...change is coming soon.