Please fix manual with clutch!!

Guys I've created another thread about this but nobody saw it I guess. Please fix the clutch! It's horrible and if I dump the clutch in 2nd gear it doesn't even try like come on theres got to be something devs could do about this. And to add why basically every truck in the game have a 5 speed!

Hi there,

I'm not entirely sure what the issue you're facing is - could you describe it more for me?

He's talking about not being able to take off from a stop in 2nd gear. I agree the clutch is not entirely realistic but I don't think it's a big deal. I also don't like that you get engine braking in gear with the clutch pressed, but that too is a minor issue.

@Jayson not every truck in game has a 5 speed. For example the D trucks usually have 3 gears and some like the C-65115 has 9 gears. However anything above 6th gear is unusable with a manual since the controls menu doesn't allow key bindings above 6th gear. What I usually do with trucks like that is change them to 6-speed, with 6th gear having the same ratio as the former top gear.

the motor screams no matter what gear your in so you cant tell what gear to put it in up a hill and it's just very hard to figure out what gear to be in. Also the scout vehicles transmissions are great im talking about the c class trucks from the c 255 to the new aw vehicles

It's hard to explain I wish I could show u guys in a video or something

It sounds like you just need more practice. When going uphill I'm almost always in 1st or 2nd, depending on the speed & slope.

And regarding fixes in general, I love this game but I've learned some time ago that things don't get fixed in this game. In other words, asking for fixes is pretty useless. Just an observation. Your best bet is to tweak what you can (a lot of vehicle parameters can be changed in the xml files) and live with the rest.

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Also I can't get top speed of the trucks in manual but I agree

There's no such thing as "top speed" in this game. It's a product of torque, mass, and gearing. If you mean the vehicles are slower than their real-life counterparts, yeah probably. But real trucks also have 12 gears or so and there are few places in this game where you could go that fast anyway.

BTW, if you want a driving game with realistic transmissions & damage, check out BeamNG. And I certainly don't mean that as a dis against MR. I love both games (MR slightly more actually) as they each have things that the other doesn't.

You can not manually use all gears. There are independent of the vehicle in the upper left 3 forward driving stages (to start), bottom left 3 reverse gears and right above a fast gear. But these choices have nothing to do with the gears of "automatic" at the bottom right of the "shift lever".

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English please. Anyway, he's talking about the full manual mode using a clutch. In that mode, all gears are accessible, except anything above 6th because of the control menu's limitation.

No for example the Ford f 150. In automatic that thing flies as of speed and power any you can tell it goes WAY faster and feels better in auto. Nobody really understands what I'm getting at here. I'm mainly talking about the lack of power speed and capability of the trucks in full manual mode.

Hm, how can you enter that Manuel transmission mode? Only with steering wheel?

The manual mode is an option in the controls menu. You'll need a shifter to make it useful, but you can test it with a joystick that has buttons.

The top speed should be the same in auto & manual mode. At least I never noticed any difference (assuming the truck has 6 gears or less). The thing that sucks about the auto mode is that it downshifts to 1st gear every time it needs to downshift, unless they fixed that in the recent update but I'm not aware that they did. The manual mode is so much better, as long as you know how to use it.

O yeah faster on the road sorry I'm so unclear I'm still sort of new to this forum stuff