Can you give us the posibility to attach the fuel semi Trailer to 535 and 537 back? I know it isnt much but it would be great when these two trucks have more Jobs then pulling the garage Points.

@bipjazz its like you are the second player who uses fuel semis since there is no any use of it in default gameplay.
I use it to "launch" fuel stations, "providing" each station with fuel semi with the fuel from home base - main garage(in fact i move and place empty semis...)
I calculate fuel usage and before game end "fill" it with "remaining fuel" to move it to home base...)

As for D type fuel semi - there is an official early screenshot with d535 with it

If you are on PC, then you might want to check out my mod D-53X with more equipment which also allows you to use the fuel semi-trailer with those two trucks.