Beta Tattoo Question

I just have a few questions.

  1. What counts as crucial information in beta? Because I just submitted information now and then in Alpha 2 and in Beta 2 and I just want to know if it counts.
  2. I know your working on this, but how to claim?

@john-edgell I cant confirm this 💯 but I’m pretty sure anyone who participated in the beta will get the tattoo. Once again just my gut talking!

I don't know what the qualifying conditions are, but I believe those who refunded instead of helping should be disqualified from it. Refunding is everyone's right I understand but for those of us who stuck around to help and report should be the ones to get it. Simply going full diva and refunding and mouthing off isn't a service to anyone.

Furthermore, I don't feel like a tattoo is enough. Ide like a beta/veteran rank symbol or an article of clothing/clothing cosmetic. The tattoo is nice don't get me wrong but ide like something that stands out. Patch on the clothing, a unique camo, unique ammo rig design....but if they can't they cant. Just wanted something that pops a little more. I'm guessing the only way we can see the tattoo is if we go short sleeve which I don't always want to do. But a unique symbol next to my rank or a unique symbol to CHOOSE instead of a rank symbol sounds better.

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@max80 I agree with that people who refunded the game shouldn't get it.