American wilds.

I have it downloaded but the maps dont show up nor do the trucks. Also have no new challenges. Anybody else have this problem?

What platform are you playing on, please? Have you purchased the DLC?

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On pc. Yes is purchased. First load of a.w. had maps. Then reloaded game after eating dinner and no longer on there. Did a full reinstall. Still no difference. A.m. does not show up at all.


When re-installing American Wilds, did you also uninstall all mods, empty your AppData folder, all that sort of stuff? And if you deactivate the AW DLC in Steam, does the game still work correctly?

Yes, yes, yes, and yes. All still works fine except a.w. not sure as to why.

@iyagovos why is it every time there is any form of an update the game totally glitches out?? it has been like this since ST. it is getting really old.. any response is appreciated.... _RUFUS

I also got rid of spintires mod and check the functionality of the game before doing the update. All worked great. Played the addon one time. ( although it had no challenges) and then when loaded the next time to play it was as if a.w. was just gone. Files still there but not loading up at all.

Figured it out. For some reason even though I bought the exp. Pack it didnt recognize it. I had to buy it a second time today. Am currently in the works with steam on this and they said they will credit one of the purchases back to me. Solved.

@rufus What issues are you having with the game, please?

@chief That's odd, but glad you got it figured out 🙂