Doors not opening when kicking it from standing point

when I'm in a stationary position and I kick the door down, sometimes they dont open or fall down and only when I press F to open the door then it opens, please fix thanks ❤

@benedicc This must be a known bug. I've seen youtube videos featuring this lmao.

Ever seen someone teleport through a door? I have a few times lol. They kick the door and it makes the noise but no animation and the person is now through the door into the next room but the door is still standing and closed for that matter!

Hi all,

This is a known bug, yep 🙂

@iyagovos Any hints towards date of next patch? 😉. And any chance you have any info as to wether or not there may be any type of one life or no respawn game mode in the future? Lol

@iyagovos Fair enough thank you for the reply!