Coop difficulty / Bot AI

Bot AI has definitely changed since the sept 14 hot fix.

while i do appreciate the challenge, I and many i've played with are getting increasingly frustrated by the bots superhuman aiming ability. they used to just stand there like an idiot for 1-2 secs before getting an accurate shot but maybe 25% of the time their first accurate shot was an instakill. It was annoying but manageable as it was far less frequent than current implementation.

current implementation has removed the "idiot period" of 1-2 secs and they suppress or damage you like they should if you don't get the kill right away (which is great) but that insta kill aimbot seemed to have increased to 50-75% of the time. if they're within 20 m its like ok I was at least somewhat at fault for not getting the kill within a second but sometimes its unfair AF.

EG in crossing attacking as security forces

I was at the door on the right side of the alpha checkpoint and was one shot killed by a bot on a hill at bravo (the one with the wooden roof)

your community manager said something along the lines of "we want the player to die from the mistakes they've made not from an unfair advantage"

hope that hasn't changed because whether its been me personally or witnessed through spectation I've seen some BS bot behavior after taking a 3-4 week long break since the sept hotfix

Bots need to slow down, suppress more, react to you killing their teammates, and have less wallhack/aimbot powers. I'm tired of getting killed by a bot tracking me through the wall, it's absurd.

We just have to wait until different difficulties in coop is introduced. Then we can discuss what is logical in regards to specific difficulties (for example forgiving, unforgiving and brutal difficulty). At least if not present difficulty is meant to mirror a specific difficulty already.
It is impossible to please all players without this feature, and when discussed at a later point it must be specified which difficulty is being discussed.

Me for example, I love that they follow you through walls, it is also currently not that hard to avoid for many players if you keep it in mind when seeking cover. If the bot starts firing, move behind a cover - but continue to move behind several covers. Fear the MGs=)

Also the insta kill aimbots (which is not entirely true as you have been exposed if only for a small amount of time that some players consider too hard) is a fun challenge for me, you just need to adapt to another playstyle.
Proof of this is being able to play on BEF modded pve server successfully in ins2, which has a higher difficulty than NWI would even consider throwing at us in vanilla.

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