that guy using aimbot in insurgency:ss steam. have 35kill 3dead

@hamitcagdas Did you actually check the replay and spectate the guy? 35 and 3 is pretty doable honestly if you get some good flanks and you're using a good weapon (i.e. a shotgun).

Of course, I haven't checked your replay (I'm at college lol) so I can't say he isn't hacking, either.

35-3 is not hard to do at all.

you must be new to the game to come out with that

The web site from NWI that I could find regarding how to report a cheater only applies to source engine:

Either way, a k:d ratio alone means nothing.

A better system to report cheaters is needed anyway, as I try to point out in my thread "security issues" in the technical feedback.

There is no way you can report cheaters with above steps from link provided, unless the cheater is going blatant. The blatant cheaters have never been a huge problem anyway, especially in games like Insurgency 2014, as they cheat blatant because of low skills anyway.
It is the skilled players using cheats that is the problem, and a simple report button that automatically gives you spectating abilities, automatically executes needed console commands, and automatically makes it possible to mark timestamps and automatically download the video or save it in a location for later download. It should also be noted that it is no way to spot a cheater who is not going blatant in real-time (only suspicion without proof). It will in most cases need a thoughtful analyzing process where the moments of cheating is reduced to 0,1 speed or similar to be able to show the humanly impossible aim corrections. It will also need some kind of quality system to ensure only selected and trusted players can report those kind of hacks, and be proved beyond doubt that the player analyzing and reporting the cheat is not a cheater himself/herself, because cheaters will exploit this themselves to create a low quality system if possible. My suggestions here are of course incomplete as I am not educated properly in the field, so NWI and Easy Anti-Cheat must cooperate to create a reporting tool to lower the current amount of hackers (which exist in all games and is not limited to NWI games, but all of the pvp scene).

They have so far ignored my attempt at getting in touch with them, and I see several reasons why this is the case:

  • Maybe they need more time to formulate an answer.
  • Maybe they don't reply to most hacking related topics because no clear answers exist.
  • Maybe they are unsure of the intentions of people discussing the topic and prefer to discuss all this kinds of problems internally.
  • Maybe they statistically have come to the conclusion that ignoring hacking related topics is a better strategy in the long run to avoid negative attention to the problem.

Some points NWI should consider in any case:

  • Being at least welcome to reply to such problems shows us as their playerbase that they care about the problem and takes it seriously.
  • The community is a lot more forgiving than most developers would think in regards to understand that this problem is difficult to control across all fps games, as most players interested in this is a) players who loves fair competitive games and wants an arena where this is possible (like me) or b) cheaters who knows perfectly well that attention to this topic and resources spent towards a solution will at some point maybe expose them and lose all status, so that they rather prefer no attention at all.

And one good solution to part of the problem from my point of view:

Create LAN competitions without all the obvious/or actively ignored loopholes existing in todays pvp scene (again not referring to NWI in particular). This will ensure that all players who cheat their way to a LAN will get exposed for the low skill players they truly are, and make them avoid competitions because they are not the real deal, or at least making the skilled players (who of course also exist among cheaters) needing to compete in a pure environment, thus remove a lot of the motivation to cheat their way there in the first place because they need to practice true skills and tactics to be able to win tournaments. It will also create a divide between truly skilled players and cheaters, as rankings purely based on achievements made in a pure environment (safe LAN), should be the only ranking visible to players in the community. All rankings based on player skills from a home-based computer means nothing, as it is impossible to ensure a pure environment. This particular point is irrefutable and explained in my thread if you are able connect the dots (this can take some patience as it is some learning involved to understand the complexity of the issue).

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I will also point out the for me obvious cherry: The developer who cracks this problem will dominate the market share of competitive pvp and make serious money. If NWI have the resources, interest, time or ability to do so is yet to be seen=)

But even though it from a developers point of view may seem futile to solve this issue, simple and elegant solutions have made people filthy rich numerous times before, and at least giving it a try with a reasonable attempt regarding a cost/gain risk assessment should be done if not already.

An example a pure pvp scene would enjoy to see more of in the future:
Beautiful plays from people like Link in the the first competitive matches of Insurgency 2014 on maps like district were awesome. He shows true dedication, intelligent play and thoughtful tactics, he also use tactics involving prefire, killing enemies through walls and use logical aiming placements.

Hackers avoid playing like Link because they have no skills to do so, and have no good explanation why they play like that afterwards. They come up with thoughtless explanations involving aimshakes and other illogical stuff and has not evolved the skills and thoughtprocess that is required in smart plays that Link could perform pure.

You can often expose a hacker by movement patterns alone, because they have godlike aims but moves with poor tactics. (Not slicing corners properly, only checking corners when an enemy is actually there, etc)

Notice in comparison how many "pros" in other games place their aim in weird places with no logical explanation except hacking, thus making the game only interesting for those who are too young or believes the pvp scene is clean, because who in their right mind would cheat and risk being caught to win 1.5M dollars right (highest prize money 2017)?

I will not frame anyone and will just show an explanation that is an example of real proof and what it takes to make such a proof (if this is not proof, nothing will ever be). The example provided is showing a player that is benched (not currently active) - Which makes no sense if it was not due to hacking, he was by many regarded as one of the best players of csgo. Ko1n who made the video has according to himself 10 years+ experience in programming, which shows how hard it is for us without that to make proofs ourselves without being provided the correct tools to do so in an easy manner. The reason for making this mistake by the player is because of a glitch in said map that made his aimbot being able to lock onto a player through two walls (as far as I understand). He also makes countless of similar mistakes in a lot of matches, so it is not only this clip that has shown the obvious. But we can't rely on people like ko1n to do this kind of work for us. The parts of the video with a rectangle around the player is a recreation of the scenario unrelated to the in-game footage to expose clearly what is going on for everyone.

Youtube Video

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