Problems found by enthusiastic players in American Wilds

☹ There are many problems with new vehicles.
All semi-trailer lacks traction pin model.
alt text
alt text
The crane base does not touch the frame but is suspended. Wrong offset coordinates.
alt text
alt text
Did you guys forget the value of SuspensionMin?
alt text
alt text
Even I can easily perceive these problems and fix some of them by myself.

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  • Trailer hitch looks loosen under flatbed
  • new bridges are too low for loaded flatbed
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That's a shame. I wish the devs would pay attention to details like that. I guess they haven't fixed the B-66 wheels poking through the bed either (I haven't played MR today yet). That's something I fixed myself in the xml files, but I really shouldn't have to. Same goes for the C-255 log rope cutting into the long logs. And many trucks have wheels crashing through what's above them. Details are important! Otherwise why bother with all the visuals in the game if clipping & offsets are overlooked.

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The LoadArea is not attached to the rear part of vehicle.
Now that the RequiredAddon of [us_load_logs_forwarder] is [k9000_forwarder_crane], so why not delete LoadArea from [k9000_forwarder] and move it into [k9000_forwarder_crane]. Just spent a few minutes then the problem is solved perfectly!!!

Those cranes with no headlight effect.
Any light on the crane? Yes here are the lights! But why can't I turn it on by pressing the H key?
I think it's very easy to attach a headlight to a crane. The old CartCrane also with headlight.

I can confirm the issues in the base game I mentioned in my last post have not been fixed with this update. Last night I had to go through the xml files and re-apply my changes after the game update overwrote them and broke my fixes.

Sound dissapear when working on crane (Freighliner with crane and long logs) from one side of the vehicle. Turn the crane 180 degrees - sound back.

It reminds me old unsolved glitch in russian trucks - sound (engine and winch) dissapears when move camera to see rear part of vehicle with semi or trailer.
Its so....bad.

@stazco Actually I didn't know this game had this problem on Xbox. All those sounds come from the engine's location, so it sounds a little weird when you're using a crane or winch. But sounds work fine on PC.😋

@unster So I use SpintiresMod to fix minor problems. Copy my fixes file into Stmod folder so that they will not be overwrote after the game update. But now I have to wait for the new version of Stmod too make all the mod & fixes work again.

Vehicles, moved by flatbed, counts as moving in terms of mileage. Since i visit garage each 10 km for 12h inspection, and move all loaded vehicles over tarmac on flatbed - it an issue for me, when passive vehicles on flatbed get mileage like they move on their feet...

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