Skidder blade useless?

Is the skidder blade useless?
It has controls but I can do nothing with it.

I'm looking forward to using it to wave to the other trucks.

"Hi trucks!" wigglewigglewiggle "Hiiiii!"

There are 2 topics already about it.
Why not to search and create 3rd?

Sorry didn’t found them. I’m really disappointed, first thing after buying I’ve tried was moving wood and mud.

I used it to stage 4 long logs together and push down trees just fine

Thanks, I’ll try that later! Thought I could move laying trees and rocks.

It is.......... Did u guys really expect building new roads from it??

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Not new roads but just moving all the laying trees and some mud!
Finally I have found a use for the blade, and that did only 3 damage points! Haha

Youtube Video

@adxalf it moves only smallest branches, leaving half under blade, normal "winching" branches - no way.
As for mud - it move some, but destroys the road by his tires much more)
As for vehicles sex - its your choice))
So maybe only usage - to move logs in tight packs if you load a truck with a lot of logs, like me.

I love manually loading logs, but pity that you only need 2 long logs to complete the whole load! I would love to manually load much more logs and I wish the Mills had more points to finish the game, 8 is not enough for me, or that when you continue playing that you can deliver endless logs and that there spawning endless new logs after finishing!
I have very much fun with the new mission where you have to collect logs in the swamp from many places, where you can find the trailer for 4 additional points! Love this gameplay.
The „vehicle sex“ haha I was only playing around what would happen?

@adxalf 2 logs??
Why to limit yourself? I load 10 logs to long and short (19-21 in fact in pack) and 15 of medium (33 in pack in aw). I've tried to load 100%, 20 logs (in regular maps), no, its too boring. But only 2 logs to magically get 20!? No, its nonsence...

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Because the game mechanics, I find this boring too. Can I manually load more? The log stations at the new maps staying empty after loading. There you can’t spawn manually new logs!

@adxalf you need to move logs little away from spawn point. This points inexhaustible.

I have used the blade to anchor the Skidder into the ground when winching a large truck out of the mud.

Just tilt the blade downward until it lifts the front wheels off the ground and it will help hold you in place.

Map: Mount Logmore

Using the Skidder blade and the winch to push annoying little rocks of this little muddy track close to the sawmills. Now the Western Star makes it to the top without the winch 🙂

Youtube Video

Haha, that’s exactly what i did on Mount Logmore

..... but after saving and reloading the game, all the hard work is for nothing!
All the rocks are back on the track !

That's not funny! 😞

Yes, even if skidder or other vehicle will be able for big things, like building new road, it would vanish after game restart!((
Hope mr2 will be serious game in this respect