Hummer fragile like egg

Why is the Hummer so fragile like an egg?
It gets damaged way too fast for an tough rough strong Hummer!
Another thing, it is too flat on the ground, the ground clearance is not enough!

All new vehicles are more fragile.
I like it. Even hammer on 15 km/h will suffer big damage in collusion with big static object.
Each collision may cause radiator leakage so you wont move after it.
Or you drive 5 km/h?)

But the Hummer is in reality solid like a tank, bulletproof and armored! It is the car from the U.S. Military!

Ya the H1 is the biggest disappointment for me. It’s beastly in some ways, lots of weight lots of power but too fragile and most of all it doesn’t have a winch point on the side. Pretty hard to flip over with other scout vehicles

Not the Hummer but a good example how fragile new cars are, I was touching the barrier only a bit and got 50% damage. Then I wanted drive off the barrier, was slow like walking and now 100% damaged.
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The problem is not the cars themselves, but the damage system itself is bad. "Health bar" in the game about cars, in addition, the one that is considered a simulator is a mockery. Since MR 1 probably will not receive any updates anymore I would like to see in Mudrunner 2 a complex simulation of vehicle components and an advanced damage system.

Sides are always more sensitive to damages than front or rear bumpers. I believe they did that to get more damages from a roll over.
If I remember correctly you can tweak the sensitivity to damages in the xml files. To be confirmed.

I don't have AW but I did get the game update that came with it and I didn't notice any change in the damage system. Does it affect only the new vehicles?

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Ya the H1 is the biggest disappointment for me. It’s beastly in some ways, lots of weight lots of power but too fragile and most of all it doesn’t have a winch point on the side. Pretty hard to flip over with other scout vehicles
you can change/modify the damage settings in the .xml files

@unster I think damage system is not updated, only all new cars are way too fragile.
Pity I have only PS4.

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@adxalf it is not necessarily 'new' trucks.. it is just how the truck is set up by the author of it.. many components of the truck can be fine tuned to your liking. ie: damage points, fuel capacity, power settings and so on.. OR you can just use the MR mod and turn the damage off.. just a couple of quick fixes.. _RUFUS

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you can change/modify the damage settings in the .xml files**

I know you can modify the total damage capacity of a vehicle, but I don't think you can change how much damage a vehicle takes.

Thanks. I guess it's another reason for me to wait before getting AW. Sounds like it's having too many issues, and thankfully I'm on PC so I get a lot of fun out of mods, including vehicles like the Chevy Blazer which look nicer than the official one.

@unster it's a good DLC, but with anything it's not set-up for every one.. i went thru and made some minor changes before i even played the maps.. little thing balance points and log points, so i can use them in other maps easily. i bumper the fuel and damage points. and after playing for a while, if the steering is too touchy or sluggish, they get a tweak too. I'm not a pureist, and like to have fun, not necessarily play the way 'they' want me to. _RUFUS

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I’m wondering why this made only 3 damage points!
Ok big truck but it gets hit with the raw power of the Skidder 8400 and the blade in front!

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Have you tried playing with the Sensationmin and Sensationmax settings in the xml files? I think that's what control the sensitivity to damage (not the amount (capacity) of damage), but I could be wrong. I haven't tried.

Sadly I have only the PS4 version.

Yes, new damage system may annoy a bit, especially on these usa highways, and if you tow a damaged above 1/2 vehicle to garage for 24h repairs.
But who told that in rl it is much easier? Or who told that mr must be like fancy arcade forza horizon? No, its a simulator, and we should hope damage system in mr2 will be detailed as much as possible (not health bar) and even more strict.

On the subject of the H1 in particular, it's not a military vehicle. The humvee was originally made for the us military, but the H1 was a stripped down (not bullet proof lol) civilian model, and then GM bought the rights to the name and made h2 and h3 models from the yukon and canyon respectively. Yes the H1 is a huge civilian off road vehicle, but do some research and you'll find it was outperformed by the toyota tacoma and a slew of cars from the suzuki sidekick family. Oh and that was a stock tacoma going up against the stock H1. I think the H1 rolled in one of the tests...

In game i drove the hummer around like a rental, crashed it through a pile of stuff, and didn't notice a significant amount of damage until a full throttle downhill rubicon... should have ripped it apart, but it was a total of about 70 damage over several big hits. Casing suspension on rocks will cause damage in real life, remember.

As for damage in general, i've destroyed a number of vehicles in AW at "highway speeds" on tarmac just by sideswiping trees, but I once slid sideways into a barricade with the western star hard enough to almost tip it over, and the damage was minimal... i also killed the skidder instantly by getting a tree lodged in the undercarriage while going downhill "a little" too fast. there may be some damage sensitivity issues in some cases. To contrast, with my playstyle i only accidentally destroyed one vehicle instantly in the base game, and that's about 100 hours of playing compared to about 12 hours of AW.

One thing I am fairly confident in saying, offroad vehicles perform terribly on road. Almost as badly as on road vehicles perform offroad... could be a balance thing, but I'm super happy to have this expansion to play around with.