Mudrunner themed VIDEOS (youtube, series, etc)

Playing Mudrunner I liked to watch russian youtube videos, which were 90% similar to the game, its incredible.
Im sure devs took these chanels as an inspirational and information source.

Now playing AW I started to rewatch American Loggers series (i saw maybe 15 episodes 7 years ago).
Its also really close to AW, and maybe was a source for ideas to the devs.
It also can be found in youtube.

So watch it while playing AW (4 seasons):

Американские Лесорубы

Couldn't easily find in english, maybe later.

And watch these while playing russian maps (its pure action, no language needed...piiii, *****piiii)):

War off-road

Point B

Sergey T.

Kings off-road

It seems that first 2 channels are done by the same person.

If you know other MR themed chanels, especially not russian, please post it here. The same for series and other stuff!)

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Being stuck in the middle of second season of American loggers Ive found more interesting Swamp loggers.
Great series, but couldn't find in in www, only a couple of episodes.
Im totally against piracy, but dont have platform for paid serials in russian (

Also there is another series, Siberian cut, here is good link to hd in russian:
link text

Its in russia, so very mudrunner themed, good idea (?) to melt russian and american loggers in one team in cold siberia!)
But its sooo artificial, a lot of situations and dialogs are just directed for the movie, its not RL.

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Check out series: Ice Road truckers. I think ull enjoy

I dont know if its translated in russian, but there should bu RUS subtitles on net for sure.

Will just leave it here:....

Youtube Video

(Im sure there is no such SEX in USA, sorry guys...its only possible here in USSR- combination of cheap but real offroad trucks, crazy people and such "roads" that's why ussr trucks must be the core vehicles for mr2)

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@stazco Hey! you're back buddy! Good to see you!

@stazco To be fair, this is exactly what I love on this game. And I 100% agree with you.
And as an addition I will quote one of my frineds here:
"It is interesteng, what (kind of vehicles) are russians ready to build, instead of roads..."

@sodoma although I agree that it's more common in Russia, I think there are cool trucks in the USA as well, and they are very mud crossing capable. It all depends on how the devs approach the game and what they decide to include.

0_1558547632506_Capture.JPG 0_1558547640716_Capture2.JPG

Trucks above costs like 100 Zils 131...
These guys in video, in Chechenskaya republic, took these Zils from russian military (there were a stupid wars between russia and chechnya in late 90s), upgraded them (straightened all, put engine parts from more powerfull Ural 4320, put the rear winch from ural and so on), and they work in such conditions all time! Check other videos on this channel...its actually feels "romantic" from MR fan perspective...mud, logs, trucks, mountains, forests, fresh air, team work...)

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@stazco lmao! that's right! its the same in Cuba. People take old soviet trucks and do such crazy fixes to them and they manage to keep working. One thing I always admired of these soviet vehicles is that they are sturdy as hell. Focused on functionality rather than confort and if a piece fails, you'll probably be able to fix it with whathever you have on hands, like a watter bottle to replace a UAZ fuel tank etc (I've seen it myself) and incredibly, they work!

@Sodoma said in Mudrunner themed VIDEOS (youtube, series, etc):

And as an addition I will quote one of my frineds here:
"It is interesteng, what (kind of vehicles) are russians ready to build, instead of roads..."

That statement could be a good basis for one of those "in Soviet Russia" jokes, something like "in Soviet Russia, you don't drive on roads, roads drive you". 🙂 In that video above it's kind of like that. The truck is at the mercy of the mud "road".

@Unster It was meant like that.
I think that road "happened" because he's going through same place 3rd time...

@Sodoma Yup, so maybe the joke should say, in Soviet Russia we don't make roads for you, you make your own!

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@Sodoma It seems to work now. I saw a notification on my bell today. It may take some time for it to pop up.

@Unster To be honest, I have impression that it takes longer nowadays than it did...