AMERICAN WILDS first impressions (spoilers!)

So AW is great, and definitely worth its money! Thank you very much, Saber and Focus!

I propose to share here first impressions from AW:

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How much is it for just the expansion as I already own mudrunner, And will it be coming out at midnight do you know? I am in Canada


Positive moments:

  1. new maps are more colorful and bright, as we asked and expected. They look really great and fresh.

  2. new buildings is nice, as game objects like fuel stations, as towns. Try to stuck blazer on garbage bins, easy))
    Less depressing, as it should be in rl comparing usa and siberia

  3. all vehicles are great! Look, sound, addons.

  4. each vehicle is different.
    Try to turn left from garage on grizzly map, you will find good test track.
    So blazer is the weakest jeep (its good, i will use mostly it!), hammer is top&monstrous, f150 is light and in some areas beat uaz, in some -lose to uaz
    Bizon is also weakest truck, ford is best from notawd, freigt is ok, but his own blade is a problem. And you cant compare all 3 with one star kraz 256, its another class, off road.

  5. addons:
    -flatbed is great
    -timber addons are huge and nice
    -you CAN exchange trailers (not semi-tr.) between usa and soviet trucks (super!!)

  6. mud in usa became harder to pass. Deep and more "mud-stones" inside it.

  7. new animations for mud and water splashes on vehicles. So from the cabin view you will often barely see smth)


  1. skidder blade is useless(

  2. mission structure on maps is not for my gameplay. Ok, i dont use tarmac and like to have scavenge points scattered on map, its my problem.
    But why to put both mills 1 meter from each other? To make playthrough faster with only ONE route? For that?
    So we have one mill on map with 16 points(
    And its instead of making simple and long ago requested option to adjust number of mill points...

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Do you know what time it would drop Central Mountain Time

Some comments:

  1. if you want to see again russian driver - use russian map without usa vehicles
  2. i was expecting new option to switch scavenge mode on all old maps...nope(
  3. i thought forwarder will have lowest fuel consumption among 8×8, since it has no extra weight comparing to huge soviet rocket movers. No, i was watching casual streams, so in hardcore even empty k9000 use up to 50 l per min. Ok, more interesting)
  4. new bridges are beautiful
    But you "touch through" upper frames when pass with truck loaded on flatbed.
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I’ve noticed the american vehicles are very sensitive to damage. Not sure if it’s across the board but light touches on trees were near totaling my hummer. Also I tried driving my skidder onto a buddies hauling trailer and it just drove through the trailer a bit and pushed it forward like it was weightless. I’m all for more difficulty but so much damage for barely touching objects is a bit tedious. I wonder if it was intentional

Seemed like they made this game a lot easier for people like tomcat who cant understand how to use the transmission. Also the Chevy blazer and f150 seemed underpowered. If your not in automatic mode your almost red lining the engines just to get some good speed. Even on the dirt paths.

Im so enjoying with each new vehicle! Each one is special.
And each sounds so unique, licences is a good thing.

Some new impressions, only positive, i dont understand pissed off "players" in other treads...

  1. flatbed is most useable addon in my game, see separate topic
  2. log packs now around 33 logs instead of 22 in russia. So now i load 15 logs instead of 10. Even in scavenge...)
  3. while we wait working mirrors in mr2, these little lower windows in passenger doors in ford, freight and chevy trucks becomes useful to feel the right roadside
  4. number of trailers in still limited by 7 on the map
  5. this grizzly river seems unpassable, or someone crossed it?
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