Patch notes?

Hey devs! Wondering if you fine folks have a page or topic with all patch notes for mudrunner? One we can see all the progression from beginning up to this version 1.08??? I'm very much interested in this latest one. I've noticed some changes and wonderimg if my guess of all the changes are right lol

Yea patch notes would be nice, i decided to mess around with the hummer and f150 on the bog and as i left the garage heading east i followed the road to where it turns and heads north then aproximently halfway up the map its been changed the map isnt the same, it used to have that hairpin with water in it the after the road kinda did a figure 8 thing with a pond, now it just one road that forks around some trees then joins back together. And i checked this on on both casual and hardcore its been changed in both settings. makes me wonder what else they did to the old maps. Id add pictures to better explain but i cant figure out how to add them from my phone.

If you mean place, i marked with several orange croses in the middle of right edge - no, they have changed default map begore AW.
I've noticed this difference 3 weeks ago. And on several maps, since all maps are copy-paste of such sections.

alt text

@stazco yea thats what i was talking about the place where you put the x's. And its sorta lame they just change the map up like that, what was the point?

Im interested in the patch notes too!

Yes, the map changes in particular haven't been mentioned in patch/release notes.

They also changed two of the crossing points on "The Hill" (or "The Descent" or whatever it is now) several patches ago, made them way less fun to drive and made it 10x harder for UAZ to pass, but made no mention of the changes.

The replacing of the "figure-8" mud tracks on "The Bog" happened... two patches ago?

"The Crossing" also had the route east and slightly south of the starting garage changed to the same two-lane swampy section that replaced the "figure-8" sections in "The Bog" too.

I don't understand what it is so hard about making COMPLETE patch notes... It's hardly only Focus/Saber that aren't doing it, tons of games leave changes unmentioned.

@mr_popsicles i dont know.
Maybe it was unintentionally.
I dont care, maps is still fine.
I' ve noticed it only becouse i play on paper maps))
"No gps coverage in deep siberia, as in rl"

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In my opinion the Patch notes should be released at the same time or even earlier then the DLC.
So that´s the way how serious IT-Companies do it.

So please give us the information.

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I sorta feel cheated for my money (not really this game is amazing it just has its flaws) from how they changed parts of the maps, especially without mentioning it whatsoever. they were perfectly fine, now they made it boring. i was wanting to drive through that section in particular. i beat everything on this game super quick and the other dlc's only lasted a few days of fun, so id just been waiting for this expansion to come out. Sorry about my little rant, but we all know this game has so much more potential then its getting its just annoying how much lack of communication there is between the developers and us.

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Are those patch notes for all platforms or just consoles? I suppose they are for all since they mention a fix for using 100+ mods and consoles don't have mods.

I'm on the PC platform and I've noticed a couple of changes that aren't mentioned in the change log:

  • The truck-centered camera behaves slightly different. It now somewhat "swings" around the vehicle as the vehicles drives rather than being rigidly attached.
  • One of the C-class utility attachments has a new camo texture.

Disappointingly, none of the clipping or other issues that I've reported in the bug forum have been fixed, not even the force feedback issue where I have to unplug and replug my wheel to get force feedback every time the game is started.

I believe these patch notes are FOR PC, since there are almost no issues could be connected with consoles. And steam are pc place.
So i hope consoles notes are wider and will be released later)

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I really would like an option to where if you beat the maps on hardcore for say, then you would not be limited to the vehicle star limit for that map. I think it would add some more replay abilty to the console versions since we dont get mods. Being able to start a map with two 8x8's just to mess around or not being limited to only being able to select two or three trucks at first aswell would be nice.

@mr_popsicles there is a limit for number of vehicles (and trailers) on map. So in this case limit should be removed. Or new option to turn off spawn vehicles...

I also noticed in the recent update the devs improved the C-class cistern texture. It's noticeably nicer and sharper looking. So kudos to the devs. They may not fix most things that we complain about, but every little improvement is appreciated.

I think i might have read this is a known thing, but the controls for the legacy cam are considerably tighter. I use the cam centered on truck because it's more intuitive, but the legacy cam is almost as good now.