bullets are fired from eyes not a muzzle of gun.

I think y'all already knew this.

I have noticed it also and thought that i might be wrong about it :D. But i believe there would be no big difference, because most things are penetrable. So maybe you would lose 1-2 shots. But it still would be cool feature.

Really ? That seems odd, considering the weapons do have some unlocked movement when you don't aim with them. The bullets go where the gun is aiming, not where you look... Are you talking about ADS only ?

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Your wrong it does fire from the muzzle of the gun use an AK with an OKP scope you can shoot the wall instead of the target, mainly cause the sight is on the left and the muzzle is on the right.

Let me explain what OP means, if bullets came from the barrel of the gun, you'd find your bullets often getting blocked by obstacles. It does this in Arma 3.

When the bullets come out of your character's eyes, you might see a player just poking his head out while leaning with the gun hidden behind a corner. (but still being able to shoot you)

This does need to be fixed. I often get killed by a very angry looking haji from behind the rock. All I see is his stupid face and then all I see is "you're dead".
So yes especially with the bots fix this issue.

Yeah, one of the two games of pvp I played, a guy with an svd had the perfect spot and nearly singlehandedly took down my entire team respawn after respawn, me included. Safe, rush, didnt matter.

The only reason he didnt solo us is because his teammates rushed in when they realized we couldnt move.

This also happens with explosives, which makes window-clipping suicides way more likely than they should be.

from what i understand i comes from the barrel when hip firing and the eyes while ADS shooting

What's the problem there? You're aligning the gun with your eyes when you aim...