Stay on server

While the new matchmaking has it's benefits, it's quite annoying to join a match, have quite an enjoyable match with a bunch of other players, then be dumped back into the menu after the match is done. In Insurgency, you would stay on the same server between matches, so if you found a good bunch of players to play with, you could hang out for a while. Having a similar default would be nice in Insurgency: Sandstorm. Even if it meant just automatically matchmaking together as a group after the match is done.

Yes, i support that request too !
I liked the way you described on Insurgency2 coop servers.
Staying with the same people as long as you want map after map until you decided to quit the game after hours.
Would be very nice to have that feature again here in Insurgency:Sandstorm too.

@nfearnley I feel like with the integration of server browser and what not that this will not be the case and you will stay in that server but I definitely cannot confirm this just hope this is the case! Otherwise I completely agree with the both of you!