No way to edit or delete class presets

I can save a preset in the loadout screen, but once it's saved I can't change it. Ideally, I should be able to rename, change, and delete the loadout. Ideally, I should just be able to delete an old loadout.

It´s a known thing, i think they already fixed that.
Please wait for the next version update.
The next update end of octobre will bring a lot of fixes for such minor problems.

You can override you preset. Lets say you have preset "L1", you can select all your loadout and then press "save preset" and enter "L1". You will be receive message saying that this name for preset already exists and it will be deleted. Click "yes" or "ok' (i don't remember) and your new preset will be saved on same name "L1". I have changed my presets many times like this. it was month ago 😃

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