Ally Markers are hard to see

The ally markers take too long to appear, and are often so dim they blend into the fast moving background. They should be a little easier to make out.

To my opinion the markers should be completely removed serversided ( for serveradmins there should be an option to disable the markers for any player on the server )
Especially when enemy troups are between the lines I find them very disturbing.

It is very easy to identify the own security teammates by green/olive/sand uniform colors just as easy as the colorful enemy insurgents.

The markers destroy the immersion especially when you can see them through the walls and objects.
At least devs should disable their visibility behind walls / objects for those players who cannot give up those markers.

Never liked them in any other game. It´s just arcadish.
Whoever has played Coop games on the modded server : Bradipi Urlanti ( Insurgency 2 ) knows what i am talking about.

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