I wanted to report a few bugs that I found, as I did not see them in the known issue list.

1.) When preparing or cooking a grenade, if you use the radio menu it will cause you to throw the grenade.
2.) (Inconsistency) You can go prone while using the resupply box, but you can't start the resupply while prone.
3.) (Bug?) You can cook overhand frag grenade throws, but I can't seem to cook underhand ones.
4.) Someone who is prone, pivots on their navel when they look about. It looks really awkward and janky. Plank'ing level 9000.
5.) Resupplying with a gas mask on causes it to be off. when you try to put it on, there is no animation.
6.) Gas mask animation to put on and take off is really inconsistent, and sometimes it's invisible.