Slugs vs Flechettes vs Normal shells - Whats the difference?

so obviously slugs are solid shot etc, but does anybody know the actual stats between the 3 types? Its doesnt say in game. All i can tell is that flechettes give a tighter spread than regular shot, and solid is single shot. But im more interested in whether one has more penetration and speed than the others etc etc

flechettes are like buck shot (standard shot) except are like little darts that are all lot better at armor penetration but weigh fuck all thus dont have fuck stopping power and slugs are a mix of both I guess.

@fearthemoose To sum it up:

Buckshot: Has the most spread and is the least effective against armor (although currently armor is trash). Works wonders in CQB. Can still effectively take down targets out to ten meters or so with a single shot, and still retains lethality out to about thirty or forty meters.

Slugs: Has the least spread since it fires only one projectile. Good for medium-to-long range fighting but kinda outperformed by Flechette rounds IMO. Nails armor like it doesn't exist AFAIK.

Flechettes: Basically fires small crossbow darts instead of typical ball rounds. Less spread than Buckshot but still more than Slugs. However, the spread is still crazy small so good aim is required for Flechettes to perform well in CQB. Absolutely decimates targets from point blank out to at least forty meters with a single shot, and still has extremely high lethality at longer distances.

Overall, I'd personally say Buckshot is the best choice, especially for new players. Shotguns are designed for CQB anyway. On more open maps like Canyon (or whenever Refinery is coming back) Flechettes might be a better choice. Slugs really don't have a purpose as far as I'm concerned. Anything slugs can do, Flechette does better ATM.

The difference is that flechettes are actually good. The other two ammo types are garbage (buckshot has an effective range equal to most other FPS shotguns, and slugs turn it into a normal gun with a low rate of fire). Flechettes consistently one shot like Insurgency guns are supposed to do, so TOZ/M590 with flechettes is what I run most of the time.

@cyoce I'd still say Buckshot is pretty good, but only because of the Sept 6th Armor nerf. After November 8th Flechettes are probably gonna be the meta again.

@marksmanmax said in Slugs vs Flechettes vs Normal shells - Whats the difference?:

November 8th

is that when the new update is coming? soz i live under a rock apparently

@marksmanmax Is armor getting a buff? Shit