Supporting MudRunner 2.

Just my opinion and maybe an encouragement....

To be honest the content of the American Wilds DLC could be made or purchased through the Work Shop by either @Pavel or other modders.

(Thanks a lot though for both DLC The Valley & The Ridge).

I'm just saying that I will buy this DLC to support the development of MudRunner 2 and that is the only reason why I spent anymore money to this game after all the things it went through.

So I hope for an epic MudRunner 2 with a lot of expectations that the players require, let it be logging, crawling, object, load wise etc etc....

I'm looking forward full of expectations to MudRunner 2 !!!
Let it be the standard of any off-road gaming in any way!!!


I’m not sure what “the game went through” for you but I got a $40 indie game on Xbone with a 10% discount for preorder. Unheard of and I believe for previous spintires pc owners they got the game for like $12. I’ve always viewed spintires as a game preview finally releasing as mudrunner although I’m sure that’s not totally correct.

I’m glad to hear you going for the support, I’m guessing your a pc user so I see the conflict to purchase or not but as a console player it’s a no brainer. Even with only playing console I’ve racked over 1.7 million kilometers in the game. I’ve found great replay value, AW is going to double that replay value for me.

Super exited and I love seeing support for this now franchise thanks to mudrunners success