Using own textures as materials

Hey guys, I'm new here. First post. Also new to modding. Wondering if it's possible to use my own seamless textures, in the editor to use as materials? ex. grass, dirt etc Do they first need to be converted to .dds? Sorry if this is a noob question. Learning a ton here!

24 hours, 35 views, 0 replies. I shall did around and try to learn what I can.

I believe @SmarOneNine has a thread here showcasing some new materials he uses, but I don't think there's any explanation of how to do so...

@mexican_420 Thanks Brother, I will look it up.

Yes you can add your own.
I wouldn't change the default ones because then your maps probably won't work in multiplayer.

You create a dds of your texture.
Follow the same naming scheme as the default terrain tiles.
Mine in the pic is

You place it in your

Then go in your Media/classes/terrains
And add an XML (You can open one of the default terrains and save-as your new texture name.)
You will see the XML format. Just follow what the XML says already and change the dds to the name you saved in the folder.

Here is my snow i'm still working on on a map i'm working on.
The snow works no problem i'm just having to fix some of the texture it's self so it's not so washed out looking in the light.


You star! Thank you SO much for this! I will have a go.

@digital-x said in Using own textures as materials:

You star! Thank you SO much for this! I will have a go.

No problem. If you need any help with maps or models just let me know.

I will be speaking to Hazzard on Model making, as I tried in the past but the .x and .xml's just confused me too much sadly.

If you have time though I would be up for learning to make them, if that is what you meant.

Any idea where I can textures? Do I need to make my own or just grab an image ?

I can help with models no problem.

You can Google the website that is textures (dot)com. Or you can Google free textures and look through the images. You can even set the specific size you want through the tools options on Google images. Or you can create your own. I make some of my own and I Google some if I don't feel like making them.

I use 3ds max 2018 and the DirectX exporter from CGdev. I know blender has a DirectX exporter but I am not very familiar with Blender myself. I've used 3ds max since like 2012.

To create a model like a rock. Which would apply to vehicles as well. You need a low poly model and a cdt.
Create your model, then create a duplicate of your model. On the Duplicate screen select copy and then set the name to "cdt" without the quotes. As seen in the screenshot.

Each model will have a class, 2 mesh files, and 1 or 2 texture files.
Your class XML for objects like rocks, bridges, trash cans, etc will have a simple XML file.
This XML will control the friction and collision for the object.

The mesh files will be the .X and the XML that sets the images for the object.
In this screenshot you will also see the .X file with the XML for textures.

Make sure your Diffuse name and other map names match exactly to the texture name in the texture folder.

Some of the images in my texture folder were trials of some textures I tried and didn't like but haven't removed them yet.0_1516822621102_game_rock.jpg

Screenshot above is a simple rock I have in a path in the game.

Also something I do, that i'm not sure if other people do. I use a program called GoodSync. I sync my MudRunner Editor media folder to my MudRunner media folder so when I save things in the editor and drop new files in the Editor Media it automatically updates my game media folder.
It saves from having to copy everything over twice.

I have the texture but It's appearing weirdly, the image shows fine but the material grass to dirt is confusing me.

I have "soilmud" (my new one) on "grass" and "dirt" is "concrete" texture. setting the dirt and painting it doesn't work.

Edit: I remembered what I did on another map. Cover the whole map "dirt" to "grass" and make those opposite" then the whole map is covered in the new texture.

Success! It works 🙂

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There you go!

Yeah. Just make sure when you are switching to another area to set your opacity to anything over 50 for the blocks you want to texture. Then make sure to switch back to Dirt option and then toggle the slider from 0 to 1.

On the Dirt setting, 0 is the "Grass" selection and "Dirt" is 1.

1_1516825012699_Selection_1.jpg 0_1516825012695_Selection_0.jpg

Gotcha thanks.

Next up is models. If you have skype and could help could you message me?

I can do that. I'll have to remember my skype login.

Thanks for all the great info 89cherokeelimit! Although I have my textures working, I was storing them in the wrong place so thanks! I def want my map to work with multiplayer.

Very useful information, thanks for sharing!

How would u distribute the level with custom textures included in the ""?

Will this conflict with the "" of the person downloading the level? (i.e. they have different custom levels with diff custom textures)

@joemama said in Using own textures as materials:

Very useful information, thanks for sharing!

How would u distribute the level with custom textures included in the ""?

Will this conflict with the "" of the person downloading the level? (i.e. they have different custom levels with diff custom textures)

Sorry been slammed.

What I had before in SpinTires custom maps was a folder i'd call MediaCache_zip or TextureCache_zip
I'd have a little ReadMe.txt in there saying copy these files into the or depending on the file.

I am trying to see if there is a way to create a texturecache folder without having to deal with the zipped folders but I know the previous way works no problem.

So I would have the regular Media with all of the classes, meshes, and textures.
Then I would have 2 other folders. One MediaCache_zip and the other TextureCache_zip

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Thank you SO much for this @89cherokeelimit. This was very helpful. Do you know where I could find all available options for the <PhysicsModel> attributes. This is what I was able to find by looking at one of the log.xml files, but what else is avail? I've made an object that is dynamic and movable in my world, but it disappears and resets to its original placement once I move it too far from its spawn origin.



I haven't ran into the resetting. I'll see if I can duplicate it and see what's going with it.

I used these settings here in my model XML

<ModelBrand ClipCamera="false" DynamicModel="true">

I moved the object to the other side of the map without issue.

I put this code in my classes/models/rock.xml