penalty for leaving in multiplayer

The mp matches gets abonded by the losing team making the games multiplayer broken because you almost can't get a fair match.

Penalty for leaving a match should be implemented only in competitive. The versus games are casual and should not require you to commit on the full duration of the game.

If I feel like leaving the game I should be able to. Not receiving the xp from the rounds you did not play yet, given that you left the server mid-game, makes sense.
Getting penalized for leaving a casual game where other people can join almost instantly is way over the top.

@bullet59 I suppose you think 3 vs 8 matches to be fun and exciting then.

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as much as it would keep servers full its just causal. Making a player be able to switch teams for balance sake would be better for what you are wanting. or even just an auto balance feature.

@zucchini I agree and in my experience when the scenario mentioned (3vs8) happens I just ride it out and usually people are added pretty quickly and if not (although very frustrating) then the game will obviously end pretty quick. And I’m sure as they fix a few things mentioned above like team balancing and the ability to change teams it will get better but penalizing people for leaving early just does not sound like a good idea to me.

@maxxamann Like I said I’m pretty sure they will address this at some point no need for penalties.

If i take an RPG to the back from my own team you better bet im leaving and id be pissed to be penalized for it