Doors / Doorframes are too high , or are all the character models just 1,50 meters ( 4,9 feet ) tall ?

Am i the only one who noticed that all the doors in Sandstorm look like they were built for giants ?
Let´s say an avarege male character in the game who might be around 1,75 meters ( +/- 5 cm ) steps through a doorframe and looks up when he is under the doorframe, it seems like the upper doorframe is untouchable high. As if the doors were maid for 2,30 meter basketball players to fit under them, although the width of the doors are normal.
To my opinion it looks very unnatural.
The characters height are 2/3 of the height of the doorframe.
Are the characters too small ? What if you guys adjusted the height of the characters ( make them a little bigger ) would´t that look better ?

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It has to do with where the camera is placed I assume

Sorry, but It has nothing to do with the camera position.
You can see what i mean when you are watching other players stepping under the doorframes. They look like little dwarfs.
The doorframes are ridiculously high.
When you jump up your head does not hit the upper frame which is a good indicator that those doors are way too high.
Do it at home in real life as a comparison ( but don´t forget to wear a protective helmet )
You will see it is easy to hit it with your head.
This should to be fixed.

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EDIT : Well, nevermind. I didn't read correctly. I'll go check that by myself next time I launch the game.

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You know what else needs to be fixed is that some windows are so low to the ground you can crouch jump really fast to not have the animation for vaulting. Honestly, this is more of a tip than an issue, but I don't think people in real life build windows that low to the ground.

@john-edgell It isn't realistic, but I'm assuming it's just designed that way for gameplay purposes (so you can vault while firing if necessary).

Just to have a comparison i played Insurgency2 ( 2014) today and made some screenshots of doorframes :

Here are pictures of Insurgency:Sandstorm´s doorframes ( which are too high )


As you can see there must be some different character height compared to Insurgency 2 ....or ... the doorframes have been calculated wrong in all the maps.

In the latest NWI video on youtube ( Sandstorm Beta Update Q&A - 18/10/18 ) Alex said that if you want to make a map with the UE4 tools,
all you need is the character height.
So i am curious how tall the sandstorm characters are. Right now they look like 1,50 - 1,60 meter ( 4,9 feet - 5,2 feet )

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Bumping this one up, as the character height is still wrong !

The soldiers look tiny in comparison to doorframes / windows and buildings in general.
As if they are only 1,50 meters (4,9 feet ) tall. The soldiers heights looks/feels wrong.

Most rooms in all maps are huge and i cannot imagine, that every family in the middle-east could afford to build in such extravagant / big dimensions
except the rich family members of the regional oil-sheiks, drug dealers and war lords.

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Btw, your image links are broken. But yeah doors are extremely big, and it also took me from the inmersion.

Thank you for your feedback.
I reuploaded the pictures. So now everyone can see what i am talking of.

@alexblonski can you please tell the NWI developers about this ?
It´s really an immersion breaker !

Maybe this is why characters dont look right on certain parts.