To-Do List / Suggestions

Here is a list of things that would improve Insurgency;

Friend Indicators

Something to highlight our party members in-game, like changing the ally indicators from blue to green. Even better would be to assign a different color to each friend after they join the party, so everyone knows which color each person is.

Map Limits

Show the map limits on the map, and even better would be to add a visual indicator once you get too close to the limits, like a barely visible red wall.

Team Changing

Allow to change teams at the end of a round, there are a few good souls out there that don't mind changing to the losing team to make the match balanced, or, sometimes it's a 3v5 thats not fun.

Commander and Observer Issues

Being such important classes, they shouldn't be available to someone who's learning how to shoot.
Make these classes locked behind a tutorial, or locked behind a certain level.

XP Gain Distribution

Most of the XP you gain at the end depends on how much time you spent in the match, it doesn't feel very rewarding and could be abused by bots, maybe distribute it more through kills and objectives?

Spawn Killing

Should make the players invulnerable after spawning or make the spawn better protected.
Designing the maps as to not let snipers kill half the players trying to get out of the spawn area from across the map is another design to keep in mind.

Griefer Detection & Vote Kicking

Punish griefers/teamkillers better, currently the system can be easely abused to allow you to kill allies and not get auto kicked.
Also, there should be more than just kicking, these players should be temporarely banned if they keep repeating this.

[x]Overwritting a Preset
Allow to overwrite a preset without making a new one and typing the old one's name.

Resetting Settings to Default Confirmation

There should be a popup asking if you really want to reset your settings to default.

Replayability and Objectives

This is more of an opinion and highly debatable but I had this problem in Insurgency 2, yes the game was fun and well done, but eventually it became quite stale.

A good competitive system paired with a well done matchmaking, shiny ranks and 1 or 2 exclusive rewards for reaching the top, it would greatly increase the drive to keep playing.

As an FPS, its not easy to have a gigantic replayability as, lets say, Dota 2, which you need to dedicate 700 hours just to learn the basics, and then 1000 more to learn the rest of the characters, but the Devs can still add a few extra things to get players hooked.

Skins are a good start, but if getting skins only depends on just playing and leveling up, it comes back to the same problem of it getting stale. Locking a few skins behind achievements is a small way to keep the player doing different things which in turn makes it harder to get bored.

A little something extra is to make the differences between weapons more extreme, recoil and gameplay between assault rifles feels very similar. Making them all feel unique and maybe adding some more weapons/parts in the future, will make players put a few good hours in learning and having fun with the different classes and quirks.

Limited customization to the profile/picture to show at the end of the round, weapon/part skins, unlocked by acomplishing certain achievements or reaching certain levels, would give the players more reasons to try out different classes and guns, a clan system tracking stats, etc.

I know some of you have the opinion that "eh this new generation only needs shiny things and addictive systems and can't apreciate a solid game", unfortunately it's how it is, but why not add these type of things if it means the game will be more successful and allow the Devs to further improve it?

Anything I'm missing?

@5ksatan Yeah, I’m gonna have to agree with you on just about every suggestion. As for the last one, I don’t want this to become CS:GO with the skins, but I wouldn’t mind something similar to what you suggested. I think they should have something similar to Day of Infamy, where after enough kills with a specific weapon you got a nicer skin for it, and after so many headshots you could get a cloth wrap around that gun. They could also do it for clothing/gear, like after enough objective captures you got a new camo or radio headset.

Hi, many good points here. Agree on most points to a certain degree. Only two points you make where I would add important aspects when considering consequences:

Griefer Detection & Vote Kicking

We must just keep in mind that some players are the cause of getting TKd themselves by running in front of friendly MG or other mistakes -> Some players are very new, even if they make repeated mistakes, permaban should be a last resort. Trolls can even abuse the system by getting TKd on purpose repeatedly to get friendly players permabanned. I suggested another solution in a different thread for this instead of permaban: Introducing same system as in Rising Storm 2 Vietnam. Forgive/not forgive + delayed respawn. Permaban can of course be needed in extreme cases.
Replayability and Objectives

Shiny ranks are cool. A problem with ranks to consider is at least that leaderboards attracts cheaters. A rank on your player with a title on top of your level, should not be an issue.

Just imho.

Cheaters shouldn't be a problem with Battle eye, but nobody knows if they will use that

Tough choice but just as a casual shooter, it will lose players quickly