Better identification of beta experience after release

Hi all,

I was talking about the upcoming release and reset on a stream recently, and we realized the experience reset is going to cause a problem I've not heard mentioned yet.

I don't care about having any sort of carry over for cosmetics sake, but we need to have a way to show who has experience from the beta, versus new players.

As an example, if we all are level 1, it's hard to tell what player knows the maps and mechanics well enough to follow.

So, that player can explain himself on voice comms, but there's no way for new players to be able to see who might have an idea what to do, versus the mass of new post-release players who just started at the same time.

Maybe some sort of "brevet" rank or something just to show "this person was in alpha/beta" during the first months of release, so that we can have a better idea who knows the game and which players may need more guidance?

@jballou Lol for the most part this is a pretty widely discussed topic!

A gold lining around the box of the rank would be cool. Simply way to show off that we know what we're doing.