After 100 hours played in Beta i don't mind having stats wiped but give us something cooler that a tattoo

Iv played a 100 hours of beta so far, provided feedback didn't refund when loads of people did because i trusted NWI, give us something cooler that a stupid tattoo, maybe a different coloured name in scoreboard, or even Beta Tester in profile

Nobody wants a tattoo which can be optional to turn off anyway

Maybe they don't want anything too obvious, but I cant really see what type of tattoo they are planning to add, if it's an arm tattoo then people won't want to buy sleeves, I can only imagine it's on the neck, maybe on the face.

@barryballsack I hear ya I don’t really care about tattoos either (I’ll wait to see how they look I guess lol) but I do remember reading something about some bonus currency for customization too and I’m pretty cool with that provided they give us more than enough to buy a red T-shirt lol.

300 extra currency incoming

I don't like the idea of a colored name or whatever, but I agree that a tatoo would be quite useless. I mean... When you have your hands and arms covered, the only place where a tatoo would still be visible is on your character's face. And I don't want to look like a freakin' thug from the hood with some weird facial tatoo.

I think giving us some credits and letting us choose one (and only one) camo for free would be better, so we at least don't lose too much of our progression.

For the insurgent character, maybe a discount on expensive items. Like instead of having to pay 1200 credits for a piece of clothing, we'd only have to pay 1000. Maybe.

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@grumf Lol well I’m certainly hoping for more than a 200 credit discount 😂. Especially considering my insurgent is 100% clothed. Can’t even see his face hell his eyes for that matter. No place for a tattoo anywhere on my insurgent now that I think about it.

Yeah. I guess one free clothing piece for each category would do the trick. So we can at least not totally lose our progression.

I don't think anyone is entitled to anything.

@jensiii Well I personally never demanded anything nor do I think we are entitled to anything which is why I usually use words like “Hope” and “would be cool” when discussing this particular topic! But funnily enough the Devs have already confirmed they would like to do something to show their appreciation for our dedication so they clearly think maybe we might be entitled to something??

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@planetcanada im a paying customer and also spent time submitting bugs in game. Its ok to feel like you deserve something and for all of us having done this we should get sonething. Its good business! And thats why they are offering this. But I dont feel like they thought things through with the tattoo. It should be something else.

Special camo

Different style ammo rig

Special eye protection

Boots with the tattoo “design” on the ankle

ANYTHING but the tattoo which no one will see but maybe thats the point.

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I want a special camo! Gimmie! Gimmie! 😃
Or maybe a cool looking plate carrier for the armor tiers! That would be dope!

Its already confirmed to be "likely" that we will receive bonus points for cosmetics as well as exclusive cosmetics.

They should give beta testers unique weapon. For example some modification of AK, or pistol.