New Gamemodes

Hey I love insurgency sandstorm a lot but would love to see some brand new game modes in the future which have never been in any insurgency before such as It would be nice if there could be a Team Death match, Free for all, search and destroy like call of duty or cs game mode just a suggestion to make the game more interesting

@jagg I will agree with the search and destroy was always my favourite game mode for CoD. But I disagree with TDM unless it was basically just elimination (TDM no respawns). And I never cared for FFA I find the aspect extremely silly but these are all just MO! Would also love to see some sort of hostage rescue and still praying for the return of my favourite gamemode “Ambush”!

If we get the mod kit.....

and it allows game rules modifications.....

I have like six modes that I'm going to add.

@jballou That’s cool man glad to hear it!