So I'm wondering, anyone else gonna do any custom challenges with the flatbed trailer? For example, I'm gonna try to complete a map without letting the truck touch the ground once it's on the trailer. As if it was broken beyond repair but the lumber has to be delivered.

As minimum I will use it for all spawned vehicles with damage above 3/4 or even 1/2. To base garage for 24h repairs. And for all i managed to inflict such damage myself.
Now I tow such.

Maybe on maps with a lot of tarmac, which is difficult to avoid, i will use bed to transfer heavy loaded trucks. Now i play the rule that you CANT use tarmac for any loaded limber, full fuel semi, garage semi.You can only cross it.

But im not sore you can load on bed medium logs. Long - 100% cant.
Will see.

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@stazco I found a location on down hill that shows on the map that it ends yet it's possible but it's super hard, I'm gonna try it with the western star hauling the skidder. And for added fun/realism using the blade on the skidder to remove rocks and downed trees from the path and to smooth out the mud.

@iyagovos said in Blade USAGE?:

It's mostly used for removing branches and stones on trails, but is useful for flattening mud to make it easier to pass.

I have a pic of the flat bed so u guys can see it but idk how to put it in the forums

![alt text](image url)0_1540057357677_15400572691773849785094564851472.jpg

With so much tarmac in aw maps i decided to play like this:

  • trucks stop near scav site
  • skidder supply it with logs (10 or 20, will see)
  • packed truck moves to tarmac ring
  • bizon with flatbed load truck with small logs, next time medium trailer, next - truck with long logs (empty almost fit, will test)
  • moves to the mills turn
  • unload trucks or trailer
  • trucks moves to the mill
  • empty trucks can use tarmac

So flatbed let me keep my old rule to avoid tarmac!
Great game!)

@stazco nice! Just be carful going off-road with the trailer. I get stuck so easily is sad : /

And for sure flatbed miss a winch point to tow totally damaged vehicles!
(in aw they become more fragile, its good).
You can use side cabin winch, but only when vehicle already pushed to flatbed partly.

@stazco if only the skidder had a winch point on the crane. Like a tow truck

@kingnightshadow didnt get it
Which skidder? Its a truck semitrailer, and flatbed need a center winch point to tow broken vehicles on it. Like in rl.

Also i use flatbed to move fuel semitrailers over tarmac "not to damage it". Just move back truck with it to bed, move bed with the same truck, park near fuel station, let off bed, hook the semi, and park it under roof in station!
This sandbox game ROCKS!!!!)

Was i the only one that tried to see if it was possible to put a truck with small logs on the flat bed and pull it through the blockpost? Haha

@alpscruiser theres an invisible wall that keeps the log truck from passing. The truck pulling the flat bed will go through with the flat bed but not the log truck on the trailer it gets dragged off by the invisible wall as you drive past the block post.

Yes that‘s what i was expecting. As much as i know of how the block post is working

@alpscruiser yea i wasnt really suprised at the results but i had to try it lol.