whats with the low ratings from gamespot and IGN?

this game is pretty amazing. i dont enjoy alot of games these days but this one is hitting the spot

its just like with alien isolation, low rated yet its probably one of the greatest games of all time

It's a great game. I had expected fewer citizens with more interactive depth and less district focus. I don't sense anything groundbreaking about the game. Everything is expertly done, well thought-out and accomplished. Sometimes being solid isn't enough for people.

I don't know what their reviews were for Vampyr. I am for a follow-up Vampyr with a less district focused approach. Not anything groundbreaking in that approach either.

I think they are giving those scores because they thought it was going to replicate Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines. However, in my opinion the game is amazing! If we think of this game as like an introduction type of game into the world of Vampyr than we can see what they were going for which is a universe revolving around these characters. The music was outstanding, the sound effects were perfect, the game design was amazing! I see no problem with the game however, a bunch of people hated the combat, why? I think it has to do with the fact that there is no blocking and no hit assist like in the Batman Arkham games. However, the combat was lacking a bit but it was still fun! Dr.Reid is not trained to fight throughout the entire game he is always defending himself! Just my thoughts on why some people gave the game low scores.