Cosmic items

One thing i really want is the helments the marines be using they will look so sick in game good for roleplay and what if we could add things like goggles the goggle cover things and stuff like that. And yea luv the game ideas down below also the vest not something i really badly want but we get no chest rig customization?

Its difficult to turn down the best gear

Many of us hope the devs make modding a possibility so we can make mod packs so players can customise their gear incase the devs don't go into too much detail when it comes to customisation, like even right now the customisation is really bad, who cares about having 50 different colours of trousers and shirts, we want tactical gear, and we don't want it locked behind having to level up 200 times so you can "afford" to buy the items with the stupid tokens.
I too would like to really open up the customisation of my security operative and even my insurgent so i can get a paramilitary/isis theme.

I hope that the devs don't lock modding behind stupid white lists that will cripple modders ability to put out content and make it usable because white lists require items to be approved by someone and they can refuse to white list it for any reason.