New vehicles

I had a intresting idea on humvees for security. Iv watched the hunting isis series, and i seem to notice large use of vehicles It dont matter what color realy because security isnt just all americans its basically like peshmerga and stuff like that (to me atleast) so yea. I i think humvees are really cool vehicles and having them can be good for milsim type cinematics
But yea just and idea hopefully well see them be added in make comments so that i can hear you guys opinions

Humvee with a m240 or a browning .50?
Thing is right, if we get armoured vehicles added; to balance it out the insurgents will need TOW missile emplacements or other types of wire guided missile systems. As it is right now the technical can be incredibly overpowered if you dont have a rocket launcher - the glass is bullet resistant and the turret has a lot of protection, in the hands of a skilled player or a bot (bots have xray vision) that technical can destroy a squad, and the only person who can deal with it is the demolition specialist unless someone can peak and shoot the gunner without being seen which can be very difficult.

If they add different types of vehicles so the security forces have their own technical then they should use the defender that the british used because it has no armour for the crew, it's just as exposing as the technical in my opinion, the humvee is a heavily armed machine which is very iconic, sure it's american made and sure isis now have a lot of them thanks to the cowardly afghan military forces that abandoned them but you have to think about balance and how it could be done when Insurgency is a game focused on infantry combat and not vehicular.

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Issue there is p* snipers will kill you instantly.

Humvees could be potentially balanced if Insurgent commanders had the option of calling IED drones to directly bomb the vehicle. This would work as a very effective counter, while the Security forces would still have the option of shooting down the drone if they saw it coming.