Map Ideas

I know this is the pre-order beta and we only have access to a few maps, I'm just suggesting possible map ideas. The maps we have at the moment, although they have different layouts, all look the same.
-Urban city style map
-Mountainous locations (Variations with/without snow (possible weather event mechanic that could be implemented, eg snow storm that could occur randomly changing the progression of the map, or just snowing))
-Desert map with dunes (Again, possible weather event mechanic - a sandstorm)
-Smaller more refined maps with large built up areas (the urban city style map could probably fit in this category)
-Larger more open maps (such as grass lands, or open deserts)
Like in battlefield 4 you could add the addition of interactions with map. I'm not suggesting large scale destruction - as I don't believe that fits in the game - but small scale could be a possibility.

Thanks to anyone who read

Some of your ideas are really nice.
What's most important tho is having more maps!

@Havenlock The map that we announced in the most recent update announcement (found here: will be an urban map 🙂

I would love a map from the restrepo base camp in the korengal valley. I think it would be a awesome salute to our fallen heros there. And would work nicely with that game mode mentioned before on another thread about facing off against large waves while dug in to one area. Each wave brings more enemies with better weapons. The longer you hold out the better your score.

There is another one we could do if people want something more urban. Maybe a shanty town theme map with a former refugee back drop.

Which brings me to my next thought. And forgive me for going off map topic but I wanted to drop this idea to you guys for a GAME MODE.
“Hostage rescue”

We start off like any check point but this game mode requires stealth speed and above all TEAM WORK!

We move in binoculars, snipers will be very important! This will work well for night maps which I know are coming!

Spot enemys - each enemy spotted through “enemy spot” command highlights said enemy so their outline will be vidible. The highlight option is timed, meaning they only stay visible for a moment and the enemy will have patrol or pacing abilties. Rarely standing still except for those who are staying with hostages at all times.

Coordination is key to take out enemies near hostages as fast as possible to reduce innocent casualties.

The more hostages rescued at each location the more xp and points. Taking out the radio man is key to stop them from radioing to other hostage locations in said map.
The game mode ends with a huge fire fight of retaliation from the enemy to take us out for freeing them.

Thoughts and ideas?

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